Izzie Ramirez is a journalist living in New York City.

I’m a freelance reporter based in New York City, specializing in climate, culture, food and city news. I’ve written for VICE, Bitch Media, Gothamist, Eater and the New York Times. Once upon a time, I was a social production associate at Good Morning America and an intern at Salon.

I graduated from New York University this year! I double-majored in Journalism and Global Liberal Studies (Politics, Rights and Development). I also wrote two theses — one on climate-based relocation and the other on New York City’s ESCR plan — as well as minored in Integrated Digital Media. I am currently studying science journalism at Columbia with an anticipated graduation date of May 2021.

At NYU, I served the Editor-in-Chief of NYU Local, the most read on-campus news blog. At Local, I’ve covered nearly every major march in Washington D.C. since the 2016 election, launched a food writing column and collaborated with WNYU’s “The Rundown” to produce podcasts. My staff doggedly covered NYU’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, often breaking news before the university itself did. During my tenure, views doubled from 160,000 to 410,000. 

When I’m not writing, I’m probably making a fried egg or FaceTiming a friend. You can find my resume here.