Izzie Ramirez is a journalist living in New York City.

I’m a freelance reporter based in New York City, specializing in climate, culture, food and city news. I’ve written for VICE, Bitch Media, Gen, Gothamist, Eater and the New York Times. Once upon a time, I was a social production associate at Good Morning America and an intern at Salon.

I recently launched The Interlude, a new Medium publication that focuses on power, culture, lifestyle and creative writing from women, people of color and LGBT writers. Within a month of launching, we earned more than 10,000 views.

Fun fact: I graduated from New York University this year! I double-majored in Journalism and Global Liberal Studies (Politics, Rights and Development). I also wrote two theses — one on climate-based relocation and the other on New York City’s ESCR plan — as well as minored in Integrated Digital Media. I am currently studying science journalism at Columbia with an anticipated graduation date of May 2021.

At NYU, I served the Editor-in-Chief of NYU Local, the most read on-campus news blog. At Local, I’ve covered nearly every major march in Washington D.C. since the 2016 election, launched a food writing column and collaborated with WNYU’s “The Rundown” to produce podcasts. My staff doggedly covered NYU’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, often breaking news before the university itself did. During my tenure, views doubled from 160,000 to 410,000. 

When I’m not writing, I’m probably making a fried egg or FaceTiming a friend. You can find my resume here.