I look back on Friday and it feels like a century-old dream.

For four years, I thought that I would never leave high school. I believed that this was it, that I was going to be a freshman until the day I die and that graduating was so far away. It wasn’t. It’s true what the say: high school flies by in a blink of the eye.

First off, graduating itself kind of sucked. It took forever to know where to go and I was scared that I was going to screw up. Also, being the first row is very high pressure. Besides walking, my favorite part of graduating was our valedictorian’s speech (she starts at around 22 minutes in). It’s my favorite not because I helped her edit it, but because she was honest about herself and her experience. She didn’t try to be inspirational or sickly sweet about it. Larissa’s a close pal of mine and I can’t think of someone else who deserves the honor more than her. (As you can tell, I’m very proud). Apparently, it’s going to be on the news tonight because of it!

Anyway, after the ceremony we went to eat at one of my favorite restaurants, Pappasito’s. The best thing to get there is the Filet Mignon Fajitas and Crabcake-topped Shrimp. Yeah. It’s as delicious and decadent as it sounds. We ate like kings and I went straight to bed, like the old lady I am.

My visiting family left the next day, which was bittersweet. I also went to my best friend’s grad party. She had a cute little polaroid photo booth, which went perfectly with the gift I got her. Lauryn absolutely loved it. Our newspaper adviser came to visit and we wrote in his yearbook because he’d been procrastinating all year.


Lauryn, Logan and I at said graduation party.When the party ended, another friend–Judy–and I went to Starbucks and enjoyed the weather. That’s when it hit me that I will never have to wake up at 4 a.m. to finish homework and go to school. I’ll never have to sit in those oddly-shaped desks or complain to my friends about math/economics/whatever. As I soaked up the sun, I felt content. Usually, I’m pretty stressed so it was a nice change of events.

On Sunday, I went to my other best friend’s senior art exhibition with Lauryn. Logan is super talented and you can view more of his work here. I ran into a few pals and it was just super amazing to see so many people support the arts. Plus, there was cake. Who wouldn’t go to a function that had free food?


Essentially, not being in high school is the best feeling ever.

Much love,



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