France & Running of the Bulls


Every day gets easier and goes by faster here. I’ve been in Spain for almost a month now and it feels like it’s only been a week or two. Eating dinner late has become the new normal and my Spanish has improved a ton.

I was able to move up out of the advanced teen Spanish class to the adult class, which goes a lot faster. I even have homework. I wish that I were in this class sooner. I have so many more notes from just two days in the adult class vs. the teen class.

In terms of activities/places we visited, there were only two that mattered: Biarritz and Pamplona.

Last Saturday, we visited Biarritz and St. Jean de Luz. These French towns were rainy and quaint. I loved how pastel hydrangeas dotted the landscape, the art and the macaroons. Being in France also gave me my first taste of feeling like I’m in a foreign country. Every time I’ve ever traveled, it’s been to a Spanish-speaking country. I’ve grown up around Spanish and I could get my point across for the most part. However, I cannot speak a lick of French. I just spoke in Spanish and eventually they got the gist.

Pamplona, on the other hand, was not nearly as pleasant. We were there for the second day of Running of the Bulls, which is insane. The town itself is filthy from all the party and smells pretty dank. I did appreciate being able to watch the encierros (when the bulls chase people down the street and there is no escape). At first, I was mad that I didn’t run since I’m of age, but then I saw how it led to the Plaza de los Toros, where inexperienced people attempt to bullfight. Some guy touched the butt of the bull and 30 seconds later, it snapped his neck. Pretty terrifying. I’m really glad I got to be a part of such a unique cultural experience.

If you’re interested in the other things I did, here’s my vlog recapping last week and this week.

Much love,



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