Move-in Madness


Three weeks ago, I came home and cherished the hugs of my mother and friends, but today was the day I had to let them go. Even though I’ve experienced being on my own, college is a different world. I moved in today and it felt weird knowing I live less than a mile from the White House.

My move-in day started bright and early. Mom and Dad got me some McDonald’s breakfast, like any American parent should do on such an important day. We packed my tiny car with shoes, clothes and all sorts of kitchen goods. I don’t know how or why some kids extravagantly decorate their rooms. I felt a tad ridiculous because it seemed like I had so much stuff, when I really didn’t. But I didn’t need a lot to pull off the aesthetic I wanted. I remember telling Lauryn a week ago that my dorm was going to be simple in a really dramatic voice. Wasn’t kidding, bud.

Well, later in the day we did a tour of the building and some of the neighborhood. Our floor’s RA, Ian, was hilarious. It’s too bad he’s only staying a week, though. I hope our new one is just as fantastic. After the tour, my suitemates and I went to this first-year student social. I brutally lost a game of foosball. It was devastating.

On an unrelated note: I have a job at NYU Local, an online magazine. I didn’t think I would get a position so quickly, but I did. Super pumped.


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