Sound Design For Media

Assignment 1: Synths

Messed around with a Moog Werkstatt, made patches in Reason and Helm, mastered in Reaper, finalized in Premiere.

Assignment 2: Sound Processing
Watch the video here.

Assignment 3: Spatialization
Watch the video here.

Final Project
Watch the video here.


I’m a huge fan of whimsical animation, and I wanted my final project to be challenging and more than just a Foley project. I wanted to prove that I could make music with meaning and purpose, which was tricky because I am, by no means, a musician. I wanted to create a musical theme that carried the piece, so I initially gravitated towards strings (I also thought I could capture the Italian-esque animation style), but unfortunately I don’t know how to play guitar. So I settled with a piano and synth combination through my Arturia keyboard plug in. I toyed around with the melody for hours until I got something that I felt was ethereal and peaceful.

In terms of the dialogue, I forced my boyfriend to speak gibberish for each of the characters and then I toned shaped them all in Reaper (EQ, Pitch Shift, Reverb). Most of the Foley sounds are through the BBC Sound Library and FreeSounds. I edited the video through Premiere and edited, mixed and mastered in Reaper.